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LandsLide Youtube by Wardood133
LandsLide Youtube
Friend of mine wanted to make a youtube channel

I used the pose from Patrick Brown as reference.
(Thinking of Title) Journey Begins by Wardood133
(Thinking of Title) Journey Begins
Hey I'm back!
Um well I've been reading these manga with guilds and clans and wanted to make my own little newbie manga.
Like play around with characters and story. honestly it could just sketches and just putting a story in the description to detail what the scene is. I'm probably not gonna go through with it.

Unfortunately I can't show you the sketches behind the scenes. like with pencil and paper. I love those sketches and I'm better with paper and pencil rather than my tablet.

Anyway the main character is Urufu ( meaning wolf) and he's part of this guild known as the wolves den and is part of an ongoing power struggle between other guilds. The two females are each part of a separate guild. One is part of some holy templar knight guild. The other girl is from a similar guild to the wolves den but known as the Snow fox.

I'm still developing the plot really.
Broken Wrist :(

 I haven't uploaded anything recently due to a broken wrist. My right one anyways....
 I play in a rec league for basketball. I just scored 12 when the opposing player made a fast break for the goal. It was a foot race to see who would make it to the basket first. He took a hard step to the right in an attempt to evade me. I mimicked his every step in an trying to stay locked onto him. He released off his pivot foot in an boldly driving in to make a quick layup. I predicted his movements to the key. I simultaneously jump at the equivalent time. I attempted to prevent him from scoring by a well coordinated block when our legs get tangled up in the fray. We both the wall, a matt anyways, at violent speed. I managed to elude an injury to my legs but all the momentum was put on my wrist. I felt a sharp pain shoot across my right wrist. I grimaced as I got back to my feet.
 I thought I had sprained it and continued to play. I stopped when I caught the ball and passed it to our point guard and used my right wrist to click a pass to his direction. My wrist managed to get swollen and we left for the emergency room and was informed I had broken my wrist.
 So I won't be uploading anything art related to wrist is fully healed. That and our spring football is starting and I'm hitting the weight room when my wrist is feeling up to it... ;)
Dark Souls 2: My first bosses by Wardood133
Dark Souls 2: My first bosses
In my first playthrough of DS2 I chose to fight Ornstein and the last giant as my first bosses.

Who were your first two bosses?


John G. Connolly
Artist | Hobbyist
'Ey dews! MY name is John, nice to meet you, and this is my kingdom... So to speak ^_^. I like to consider myself as an "athletic gamer". I say this because I participate in athletic activities and game/sketch in the past time. I play Wide Receiver for my high school. I currently commit to hitting the weight room alot during the week, not saying I'm swollen but I got a decent build just enough for my position I play, but on the weekend I'm doing this. Bringing my art to the good people of DeviantART. I enjoy doing so.
I love watching anime and game during the weekends as well. Unfortunately I'm not as into anime as I'd like too. I watched animes like; Bleach, Naruto S, Fairy Tail, SAO, Attack on Titan, Eyeshield 21, and some random animes here and there.

Current Residence: lll....---My Throne---....lll
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite genre of gaming: RPG/FPS
Favourite Video Game: Dragon Age series/ Souls series
Favourite Sport: American Football. ( I start as a wide receiver in my High Scholl.)
Favourite style of art: Yusuke Murata
Favourite cartoon character: Ichigo Kurosaki/ Naruto
Personal Quote: 'Sup dew

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